Desi Food is a restaurant for Indian Food in Paris. We and our partners use various technologies, including third-party cookies, to ensure the smooth functioning of our websites and apps. These technologies also help us improve and analyze our websites and communications with our valued customers and business partners. Moreover, they enable us to personalize the user experience on Desi Food and display relevant advertisements. To gain a comprehensive understanding of these practices, we kindly request you to read our Cookie Policy.

What are cookies and similar technologies?

Using cookies on the website personalizes our customer's online experience on our website. It helps us present our users with relevant Desi Food adverts when they browse our websites or application. It is also helpful in understanding how our services are being used by our users. It includes our website, apps and emails. All these help us save time and effort in storing our users' details. But the question is, how do cookies do it?

Cookies are small files. It gets stored on your device as a unique identifier after you accept the website cookies request. These files store a small portion of data when you scroll through the website. We use a similar technology on our website for cookies.

This small file has the job that it records and shares information related to your language preferences, login, and time of visit to the website, date, etc., whenever you check a website, email or app. It also shares information about what website or app you are using. Example: the most viewed page, most liked dishes, etc. It will help us develop the best Indian Food menu in Paris, beverages, etc.

On the website of Desi Food, we use two types of cookies, first-party cookies and third-party cookies. The first one collects information about users. The second, third-party cookies belong to the third party, and the information they collect gets stored on their platform and used by them only.

How long do cookies last?

Every cookie comes with an expiry date which is the deciding factor in its stay in any browser or device: There are two types

  • Session cookies: These are temporary and expire once the browser is closed.
  • Persistent cookies: It stays in the browser until deleted manually.

Learn about the duration of the individual cookie we use in our Cookies Settings.

How to Turn off Cookies

Each browser has settings that allow users to remove cookies according to their preferences. Desi Food also provides the same. You can also withdraw any consent you registered with us at any time. You can learn to manage and change cookies by checking the browser setting page.

What cookies do we use?

You can learn about all cookies that Desi Food use by reading the details.

Very Important Cookies

A website requires these cookies to work seamlessly and cannot be turned off. These are set in response to actions the users take with regard to services, such as setting privacy preferences and filling in or logging in forms. We give the option to users to either allow to set the browser or block or alert users of these cookies, but then a few parts of the website will not work.

Analytics cookies

These cookies are for counting visits and traffic sources. We use it to measure and improve our digital services and website performance. They provide explicit information about the most and least popular pages and visitors’ activity around the website. If this cookie is not on the website, gauging the website and service performance will be complex.

Functional cookies

As the name suggests, these cookies allow our website Desi Food to provide improved functionality and personalization. The absence of this cookie from the website will make some features dysfunctional.

Advertising cookies

These cookies are also known as targeting cookies or social media cookies. Its purpose in the website is to identify the genuine interest of our users. It is for us and our third-party partners for better personalization. The data collected from the cookies are also used by us and our third-party partners. Both o fuse use the data to show our users relevant advertisements on the website and our partner’s website. If you stop cookies, we may be unable to show you the targeted advertisements. There may also be some hindrances in using the content.

Methods We Use to Track Emails

The emails we send you contain analytics cookies. It helps us gauge information about when the emails of our marketing subscribers were opened, and if they click any link, then when and on which. It also aids in recording our subscribers' email addresses, device IDs, IP addresses, dates and times associated with regard to the opening of the email and clicking on the link. We use the gathered data to analyze the performance of our marketing campaigns, like their effectiveness, relevance to users, etc.

Is consent needed to use cookies?

We need our user’s consent to use cookies. However, in the places we use essential cookies, we don’t ask for consent. But, users can block or delete it whenever required.

For more information?

If you have any queries or questions about how we use cookies, you can contact our team at: