Desi Food is an Indian restaurant Paris aiming to provide the best Indian food. We, the team of Desi Food is committed to protecting the privacy of all our users visiting our website for any reason. We request you read the privacy policy of our website that explains how we use and protect the personal information of our website visitors. We are the only controller of all the information we receive.

Contact Us

We respect you and understand your concern about the personal data we collect. You can refer to our privacy policy for any of your information held by us. You can send us emails for any query or request related to our privacy policy:

Methods We Follow to Collect Your Information

We have complete transparency with the collection and use of data. We collect our website users’ information when they use our platform and services. Example: When you visit our website or place an order. Additionally, we keep our eyes on how visitors use our websites, intending to improve our services and enhance our customer experience.

We Collect Our User's Information Following the Way

  1. When a user creates an account on our platform or changes the account settings.
  2. Whenever a user places an order on our platform or changes the setting. It includes the payment process and order delivery, etc.
  3. When a user interacts with us, such as when a user emails us to know more about our services, business-related information and any other information, or contacts us via chat, phone, etc.
  4. When a user participates in any competition held by us, wins prizes or gets involved with our services in any way.
  5. When a user browses our website or uses it for any other purpose (before or after creating an account on our platform.)

Additionally, we also use third-party sites to collect our users’ information, such as social media platforms, advertising, and our fraud detection service provider. When a user links his social media account or third-party accounts with us, we keep a record of their handle and the other information that comes to us through the social media account settings. Furthermore, when an organization or an employer sign up on our platform for our service, we receive the contact details of the whole team, and we use it to provide our services to all.

Information We Collect from You

Being a transparent platform, we want to be clear about what information we collect about you and how we use it. We collect the following information, IP addresses to navigate a user's location, data about how users interact with websites, such as how much time they spend on a page, browsers being used and the device a user uses to access the site. When a user visits our website or orders something through ours or our partner's website, we take information about the user, which includes their name, delivery address, contact details, loyalty scheme details, order details, etc., wherever applicable. We also gather information about credit and debit cards. We also collect information about users when they connect with our riders through our or our third-party partner's chat window. We also collect our users' date of birth to verify their age when they order any age-restricted stuff. Additionally, we collect information about our users through our websites when they contact us or provide feedback via email, post, phone, chat function, etc. When a user connects with us by phone, we record it and store it for training and service improvement and related purposes. Furthermore, we gather users’ personal data from their mobile phones and computers. This data includes the operating system, connection type, device, and the IP address used for accessing the Desi Food website, the best Indian restaurant Paris. We also collect technical information about our users, such as carrier data, performance data, location data, mobile payment methods, and any communication done with other retail technology, like NFC Tags, mobile vouchers and QR Codes. We collect all the information unless someone has changed the setting of their device or browser to restrict sharing of this information.

We fetch health information about our users only when they volunteer and present their consent. For example, we keep a record of when our user share information about any specific food allergies. We collect information under the term of the contract or by law as well. For example, if any user has signed in contract with us for any service, we provide them with all falling under that same or that we have mutually agreed on. If we do not get the required information from the user’s side, we may end the contract as we may not be able to fulfil our commitments in its absence.

Use of Your Information

We process our user’s information only when the law permits it and when there is a need. We take users’ information to provide the services they need. Such as

  • To provide them access to any relevant portion of the website. We collect important cookies from users’ devices.
  • To provide services a user has requested. We collect their contact details, names, order details and delivery addresses.
  • We collect information about users’ credit or debit cards to make payment-related transactions seamless.
  • Connect with users whenever necessary, such as to resolve order-related issues. We also gather above listed information and other information to resolve order-related issues.
  • We do not process user information. And we do it only when it is genuinely required. Such as,

  • To give our users personalised services. It includes making placing orders easier and faster.
  • Improvising the quality and effectiveness of our services.
  • Improvise content that users see on our or our partner’s website. For example, we work on the content to show our users relevant advertisements, services we offer, etc.
  • Develop our customer service and support system, as well as, of our partners. Address our users' queries and complaints that come to us or our partners in the most efficient way to get an unmatched customer experience.
  • To discuss with you the site and services of Desi Food and those we have partnered with.
  • Communicate with our users about any important changes or developments we made in our Sites or services.
  • Communicate with our users about our new services or new openings.
  • Send information about our products, promotions, services, and other initiatives of Desi Food (If someone does not want to receive it, they can discontinue receiving the service using the “Contact Us” section).
  • Monitor user activity on our sites to improve our business activities.
  • We use the data for statistical and analytical purposes to prevent fraud;
  • To detect, report, seek and investigate malicious activity to prevent fraud or crime.

In addition to that, we also process user information to carry out all kinds of contracts and agreements we make with our users to ensure they comply with our internal policies and practice, also to exercise or defence of legal claims and to protect the rights of Desi Foods, our partners, riders, or others (including to prevent fraud). When users place orders on Desi Food website, we request them to leave a review. We ask them to do so to improve our services. We share the feedback we receive from our users with users of Desi Food as well as partners, especially when it is related to a particular menu or service. We publish all the reviews we receive on our website without edit. We do surveys and use feedback and comments to improve our products and services. Some of them we use in our marketing and advertising materials. While doing this, we only use the user name and the city for identification, provided they have not restricted its use. We also use the provided survey, comments and feedback for many other purposes.


Users can accept or refuse cookies according to preference, however, rejection of the same may turn some portion of the website inaccessible or work improperly. Marketing We use our users’ data to inform them about our products and services. It does not matter whether the user has shown consent for the same or not if we have a legitimate interest in it. We share information about our products and services via email, phone, post, in-app message or push notification. To update you about our new additions to the menu or service, we use different online advertisements. In addition to that when our users interact with us through our ads, apps or third-party apps, we use the data to create statistics and reports which help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising/marketing campaign. We use the most advanced tracking technology to understand your interest.

Automated Decisions

We collect our user’s information to perform fraud checks. We want to protect both us and our customers from any fraud. We have an automated system in place to check fraud orders on a real-time basis. At the same time, we keep our users on alert related to any fraudulent activities.

Retention of Your Information

We store our user data but not for a long time. We do it only with the data necessary and fulfil our purpose of collecting it, like marketing, accounting, tax, regulatory, etc. Only in a few cases, we keep the data for a long time.

While taking, using and storing our user data, we take the following things into account:

  • Our contract with the users regarding the information involved.
  • Legal obligation
  • Legitimate interest in retaining the information.
  • Data protection guidelines issued by relevant authorities.


We use the most advanced technology to protect our user’s information to avert the loss or misuse of data by accident or intentionally. We have proper channels in place to avoid data breaches. However, if it happens for any reason, we inform our users about the same without any delay. To best protect our data we have implemented cutting-edge technology on our website. However, if such incidences happen, we notify you and any applicable regulator about the same and take all necessary measures to narrow down its effects.

Your Rights

You have the right to know and access the personal data we hold. We follow all the guidelines laid under the data protection law. You can check your data privacy rights to understand it. About Our Privacy Policy Desi Food updates its privacy policy from time to time. We recommend all our users check back on the policy often. We notify our users when we change anything in our policy. We do it through emails or push notifications.

This privacy policy was last published: 16 June 2023