Desi Food aims to provide the best customer satisfaction to every customer. To avoid any hiccups in the processing and cancellation of orders, we have laid a refund and cancellation policy which we stringently follow and expect from our customers, too. Desi Food begins the food preparation only after receiving the order confirmation and does not cancel the confirmed order other than the exceptional cases, such as:

Order Related Errors

When a customer receives food different from the order he had placed, Desi Food requests customers to notify this error to the team as quickly as possible. Our team ought to make all necessary arrangements to address the inconvenience caused. It includes order replacement or refund.

For credit card payments: We refund the sales price amount linked with the error and recharge for the new items’ price.

For cash payments: We may ask you to pay the difference in balance if the new food is of greater value than the food received in error. Similarly, Desi Food will pay the difference to the customer if the price of the new item is less than the food received in error. In some cases, Desi Food may offer you loyalty points and coupons. In some cases we also give our customers the option to put the amount in the credit store.

Your order will be a priority if you come to pick it up.

Incomplete Food Order

Not completing the confirmed order is a rare incidence at Desi Food. However, if it ever happens, Desi Food has an explicit policy to address the issue.

We request our customers to notify this incident to us with immediate effect. Desi Food will remove the missing item from the bill if already billed and paid. We refund the amount to a credit card or cash. In some cases, we give our customers the option to move the amount to the credit store.

Food Dissatisfaction

We take great care of our preparation and use fresh and premium ingredients. However, if you dislike any of our food or service to the level of seeking for refund or replacement, Desi Food will help you with it.

Return the order to Desi Food in its original container(s) so that we can investigate the food and take necessary measures to avert such mistakes anytime in the future. Desi team will prepare a new food order if you wish to get a new one or refund the amount to the credit card or give a cash refund or a store credit provided the concerned team of Desi Food has received the food after the complaint.