By signing up on the Desi Food website, you agree to be our customer and to comply with all our terms and conditions. Desi Food reserves the right to delete or restrict access to this platform for customers who do not comply with the terms and conditions for any reason. All the services of Desi Food are available to all people regardless of age. Registration to the Desi Food website implies full acceptance of all our terms and conditions from all individuals registered on the website. When a customer ticks the box, "I have read and accepted the TOS, the policy on privacy and cookies", present at the bottom of the registration page, he validates that he agrees with all the provisions of Desi Food’s terms of use. The terms and conditions about the use of personal information are related to the Cookies Policy and Privacy and Data Privacy Policy of private life.


Desi Food represents the website available at Desi Food cannot be held responsible for omissions, errors, inaccuracies, or falsehoods of the information present on the website. Desi Food is responsible for the transmission of every order (to deliver and/or take away). Desi Food customer (s) means all individuals who have registered with Desi Food and accept our regulations.

Desi Food Signup and Access

Equipment that customers use (smartphones, tablets, computers, software, means of telecommunication) that allows access to services is customers responsibility. By accepting the terms and conditions, the customer assures that the data he is sharing with Desi Food for legitimate use is accurate. He ought to inform Desi Food about any modification of data. The customer gets a login email ID and password after successful registration on the platform. And the login details are strictly personal and confidential. Maintaining the confidentiality of the account detail is the responsibility of the customer. In case of any breach, Desi Food reserves all the rights of confidentiality and can delete the account without notice. The customer will be solely responsible for the misuse of any confidential information. However, if you find your information being compromised, inform the team of Lebani Food for further action. Desi Food reserves the right to delete the account of users not using the service for more than six months or over. It may also happen if the person has not checked his account after ten days of registration.

The Use of Desi Food

After registration, a person can use all the services present on the Desi Food website after agreeing with the following rules: The customer should comply with all the terms and conditions laid by Desi Food and laws related to the third party. Not to use Desi Food for commercial and business purposes, such as prospecting, soliciting or prostitution. Not to use the platform to accumulate customers for any gathering without having Desi Food consent. Do not share fraudulent or illegal information with Desi Food. Not to advertise independently.

Customers should not file notice that:

Have any intention to defame, insult and offend the sensitivity of a particular group or customer. That pique supports or invites discriminatory or violent behavior. To get rights on the intellectual property or property rights over a third-party trademark. They should not constitute any breach of a contractual clause or a legal obligation of confidentiality. Promote any activity that is illegal, unauthorized or dangerous. The violation of the privacy of a person. Misrepresent Desi Food relationship with a third party. Desi Food holds the right to remove customer reviews related to the Desi Food services that are not related to the business and are too imprecise to be useful for other customers. However, once a review gets online, it can only be removed by the customer from the customer area by following the rules. Further, the reviews and feedback of customers solely belong to them. Lebani Food has no role to play in it. In case of a breach of the privacy policy or the terms and conditions of Desi Food, it reserves all rights to delete customer accounts or block access to a specific part of services, either temporarily or permanently, without consideration, reimbursement and compensation. Additionally, the customer will lose any advantage attached to his account, such as (Loyalty Points, Coupon Codes, Sponsorship, etc.).

T&C for Orders

While placing an order at Desi Food, you firmly and uniquely consider that: You are authorized to order at Desi Food. When you share your data while placing the order, you allow Desi Food to access and use profile information on your social networks if you have linked it to the Desi Food account.

Discounts, coupons, discounts

You are allowed to accumulate loyalty points or earn a coupon code and use it to get a discount on the order. The discount coupons and loyalty points provided are subject to additional special conditions, which might modify or supplement the terms mentioned on the coupon at the time of issue. Customers can earn loyalty points by ordering online, posting a rating and subscribing to services. Except in exceptional conditions, the loyalty points and discount coupons can be availed only in the exchange of food and beverages (including VAT) in online and offline orders made on Desi Food. It cannot be used to pay delivery charges or other fees. Additionally, there is an expiry date for loyalty points. It should be used before the date, thus. The promo code is for personal use. It should not be directly or indirectly distributed to anyone in exchange for cash or other benefit. The use of two coupons for a single order is not allowed. Coupons or promo codes cannot be redeemed for cash. These are non-transferable. Desi Food is not liable for any loss that happens to a customer due to the rejection, cancellation or withdrawal of any coupon, and the inability of a customer to use a coupon for any reason. Desi Food reserves the right to add or modify the terms and conditions concerning the use of coupons at any time without notice.

Online order

After you have selected the items from the menu and provided the other needed information, the system allows you to validate it, which you can do by clicking on the "validate" button or any similar button. At this point, Desi Food gives you the option to check the order list for further processing at this point. After you click the Ok button, your order will be generated automatically and permanently from Desi Food for non-cancellation. After the generation of the invoice, it cannot be altered, cancelled or refunded. Still, if there is any disparity, you can contact our customer service team, at the page, without delay. All orders are considered confirmed after the payment confirmation from Desi Food. No order delivery will take place without the payment on Desi Food. Desi Food may refuse to accept the order for exceptional reasons, like long order processing time and shortage or absence of raw materials. The prices present on the menu of Desi Food are in Euros. It includes VAT but may exclude the delivery and administrative costs and fees related to the internet payment. Means of authorized payments. Lebani Food accepts all modes of payment, such as credit or debit cards, checks, cash or a restaurant ticket. For any reason, if you feel unsatisfied with the served food quality or the restaurant service, you can write a comment on the website's feedback section. If you are dissatisfied with our performance to the point of requesting for refund or compensation, you can contact our team through, the "Contact Us" page.

Exclusion of liability

Desi Food always tries to keep the website updated with the latest information though not guaranteed. The information, such as prices on the menu, ingredients, service, etc., may change at any time without notice. We do our best to provide all information about the composition of dishes, their character, price, etc., as explicitly as possible. Nevertheless, we expect our customers to give us clear instructions about their order regarding any allergy, spiciness, etc., to avoid communication disparity. The service contract for the order delivery is between the customer and Desi Food.

Our Right of Reply

Desi Food has the right to reply like other restaurants. We give reply to: Support our version of the facts. Show gratitude toward consumers for their contribution. Inform customers about any changes happened since the writing of the notice. We reply to comments or feedback which we think should be answered.

Intellectual property

Content published by Desi Food

All the information on the Desi Food website, which includes: trademarks, graphics, logos, photographs, videos, texts and animations, is the intellectual property of Desi Food, and therefore, it cannot be reproduced, represented and used without the authorization of Desi Food. The rights related to the use of Desi Food content restrict all customers and third-party vendors from accessing, downloading, reproducing and printing on all media (hard disk, USB key ...). Also, the use of authorized personal documents is restricted to private and personal use within the Desi Group framework. Use of any other content except those permitted by Desi Food is strictly prohibited.

Content Published by User of Desi Food

Desi Food is authorized to use the intellectual property rights attached to the content customer provides to it for distribution on Desi Food. The rights include the right for Desi Food to represent and reproduce content concerning the customer, such as information, images, videos, etc., on all or part of the website of Desi Food. The authorization also allows Desi Food to modify the contents to suffice the graphic needs of the Desi Food team to improve technical performances.


Every customer is allowed to terminate their registration at Desi Food. The medium of contact for the contract termination can be email ID, official phone number or the Contact Us section. If any breach in the terms and conditions comes to notice, then Desi Food reserves the right to terminate or suspend that member's account without notice or refund. We hold the right to take legal action against the violator whenever needed in different forms.

Limitation of Liability

Desi Food is not liable for indirect damages caused to customers related to the loss of data (including copies), customer recordings, and subject making backup copies.

Changes in Desi Food or Terms of Service

Desi Food holds all the rights related to the modifications on the pages Desi Food website, the prices in the menu, or the conditions of use applicable at any time. The changes appear on the website as soon as they are posted, and customers have the right to accept or discard those changes.

Applicable law, jurisdiction

All the conditions mentioned here are governed, applied and interpreted following the food law in France. The French courts, especially the Commercial Court of Paris, have all jurisdiction to hear any dispute related to Desi Food Services.